Electric Programs & Services


Gibson Electric's Outdoor Lighting is a smart choice for a variety of reasons:

  • Security — Outdoor lighting may provide a deterrent to intruders, prowlers and vandals. It illuminates those who may threaten your property and its occupants, and it gives the impression that someone is present… even when you’re away.
  • Safety — Outdoor lighting helps to prevent accidents due to inadequate lighting. One 100-watt high pressure sodium light can illuminate a radius of about 125 feet.
  • Convenience  —  You never need to worry about turning lights on and off. Outdoor lighting comes on automatically as dusk falls, and shuts off with the morning light.
  • About 31 cents per day —  You can lease a 65-watt LED outdoor light fixture. Larger fixtures are also available.

There is a one-time $30 light fixture installation fee. And, if it is necessary to provide a pole for the light, there is a one-time $30 pole installation fee and a monthly $3.40 fee for a wood pole. View the complete Outdoor Lighting Fees list for other light fixture and pole options.

Gibson Electric offers a meter base protector that is installed behind your electric meter. The meter base protector diverts the largest portion of a transient voltage surge safely into the ground, helping to protect your home.  See the Manufacturer Warranty for specifics on what the Surge Alert equipment will cover.

You may purchase this equipment at your local Gibson Electric Member Service Center for $134.63, plus applicable sales tax and an installation fee of $29.99.

We offer three easy payment options:

  • Payment at the time of purchase
  • One installment on your next electric bill
  • Three equal monthly installments commencing on the next electric bill. (A $5.00 administrative charge is added to the price of the equipment and the installation fee.)

We also recommend you purchase plug-in surge protectors to provide additional protection for your sensitive electronic equipment, appliances, etc….  Plug-in surge protectors can be purchased from a local retailer.


Meter base protector product warranty is limited to that of the manufacturer (PEMCO). Please see the Manufacturer Warranty to understand what is and what is not covered.  Gibson Electric provides no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.  Gibson Electric will not perform warranty repairs of any kind.  Gibson Electric is not responsible, and will not be held liable for special, indirect, or consequential damages including injury or damage to property or person, whether in contract, in tort, under warranty or otherwise.


Gibson Electric offers financing programs to help members reduce energy costs and improve comfort with an energy-efficient electric heat pump. Please see below for information on heat pump financing.

Gibson Electric offers financing programs to help members reduce energy costs and improve comfort with an energy-efficient electric water heater. Please see below for information on water heater financing.

We are proud to partner with TVA to offer home energy evaluations and incentives for qualifying energy-efficient upgrades to help members save money. 

For more information, visit www.energyright.com or call your local member service center. 

In any outage, Gibson Electric works as quickly as possible to restore power to its members.

The cooperative maintains a list of members who have demonstrated medical necessity for Priority Service. These accounts are flagged in Gibson EMC’s member database. We attempt to contact these members before planned outages.

All households with residents dependent upon life support should call 731-562-1615 or contact any Gibson Electric member service center. A medical verification letter from an attending physician will be required for Priority Service status.

Take control of your energy. Download our mobile app by searching "Gibson EMC" in the App Store or Google Play. It will allow you to manage your account, view and pay your bill, monitor your usage, report outages and much more!


Financing Energy Improvements

Gibson Electric offers financing programs to help members reduce energy costs and improve comfort with an energy-efficient electric heat pump or a conventional electric water heater.

Heat Pump Financing:

Finance heat pump equipment, installation costs and even added insulation upon credit approval.

There is no down-payment required. Payments are added to your monthly electric bill.

Loan amounts are offered up to $15,000 for any heat pump unit - including multiple units.

Applicant(s) must be Gibson Electric member(s) for a minimum of six months, and be the legal owner of the property where the heat pump is to be installed.

Loans are non-transferable, and must be paid off to release lien.

A contractor must be selected from our Quality Contractor Network, and installation must meet program specifications and pass Gibson Electric program inspection for funding.

To apply, just follow the instructions below:

To access and print a heat pump financing application, click HERE. Please complete both pages of the application and return it to your local member service center, fax it to 731-562-0044 or mail it to Gibson Electric, P.O. Box 47, Trenton, TN 38382.

Water Heater Financing:

Interest-free financing for 36 months

No down-payment required. A $30 processing fee will be added to the financed amount.

Finance water heater equipment up to $600.

Finance up to $100 of installation costs for electric to electric replacements or $175 for gas to electric replacements.

The purchase and installation are quick and convenient. Visit one of our participating water heater dealers, make your selection and sign a Gibson Electric financing agreement.

Gibson Electric pays the dealer and sets up interest-free financing on your monthly electric bill.

For additional details regarding our financing programs, call (731) 855-4740, ext. 1615, or contact your local Gibson EMC member service center.

Heat Pump Process Guide

Heat Pump Financing Program Process Guide

  1.  Member(s) print, complete and submit Heat Pump Financing Loan Application and Participation Agreement found here.
  2.  Member can either mail Application and Agreement to Gibson Electric, P.O. Box 47, Trenton, TN 38382, fax to 731.562.0044 or drop-off at any Gibson Electric Member Service Center.
  3.  Member receives letter from Gibson Electric regarding approval or denial of application.
  4.  If approved, member selects Quality Contractor from list provided with letter.
  5.  Member obtains bid from Quality Contractor for heat pump and installation.
  6.  Member submits Contractor bid to Gibson Electric.
  7.  Member receives call from Gibson Electric to schedule loan closing and meets with Gibson Electric representative to close loan.
  8.  Member notifies Quality Contractor that closing and 3-day rescission period has passed so work can begin on installation. If authorized by member, Gibson Electric Member Services Specialist can affirm with the Quality Contractor that member has closed the loan and 3-day rescission period has passed.
  9.  Member notifies Gibson Electric when installation is ready for inspection.
  10.  Gibson Electric representative performs inspection to ensure installation meets program requirements.
  11.  Once the installation passes inspection, Gibson Electric issues loan funds minus the UCC-1 fixture filing fee to the Quality Contractor.

Quality Contractor Network

Heat Pump Contractors:

  • Bartholomew Comfort Service, Milan— 731-686-2278
  • Heglar Plumbing & Electric Co., Inc., Humboldt— 731-784-3642
  • Hiller Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical, Jackson— 731-423-0500
  • Johnson Heating and Air, Union City— 731-885-8325
  • Kyle’s Refrigeration & Electrical Service, Kenton — 731-749-0365
  • McCoy Heating & Air Conditioning, Jackson — 731-668-7492
  • Parham Refrigeration, Trenton — 731-692-3636
  • Quality Service, Inc., Ripley — 731-635-3452
  • Quality Sheet Metal, Lexington — 731-968-8383
  • Windle HVAC Services, Dyersburg—731-285-7970

Water Heater Dealers: